This is just a little about our family of 4: Juston (Dadd-io, CPA), Nani-(Mom- future Registered Dietitian), Avayna (the Drama Queen, and artist), Beckette (the cuddle bug, and defender)

Friday, August 24, 2012

This morning...

Dad: "Avayna, Let's go to school now"
Avayna: "Didn't you read the sign? I'm getting dressed!!"
Dad: (looks at 'sign')..."oh, ok, good to know...I'll wait" (rolls eyes at the hilarity of the 'sign')

So cute :)

Monday, August 20, 2012


As I sit here trying to put into words the enormity of my emotions, I am reminded of my inability to make lasting friendships. I'm not quite sure what it is about me, but I have never really had friends that are a part of my life for more than a year or two, but mostly less than that. But there are plenty of people that I would love to make lasting friendships with.

The event that spurred this blog post is tragic, and is an intense reminder of how important friends are in our lives. A friend, Sharla, a young mother,  only 30 years old, with 5 small children (3 girls: 5, 4, and 2 1/2, and 2 twin boys 8 months old) passed away on Thursday morning (you can read about the tragic event on their family's blog that was updated by her husband here). This woman wasn't just anyone, she was a friend to all she met, and the countless stories of her service have been already begun to circulate throughout social media.

I look back to when Sharla and I first met back in 2005, I had just moved home (SLO) because I was about to get engaged to my then boyfriend, and future husband, Juston. I had been asked to speak in Church and Sharla happened to be speaking right before me. I don't know about her, but I get really nervous when I speak in public, and was probably close to hyperventilating before my talk. If she was nervous, no one could tell, she had a way of expressing herself in words that most people find difficult to do. I don't remember exactly what she spoke about, but I remember her being confident, and beautiful, and smiling, and thinking to myself "wow, this girl has been through a lot already, and she's so young." She threw herself into the Gospel and was charitable in so many ways.

 Soon after that talk,  my then fiancee and her then boyfriend (Mike Prior), and future hubby, moved in together and it seemed that we were always hanging out at the apartment. I remember a conversation we had sitting there on the old gross couches that the boys had in their apartment, and I had mentioned something about the fact that I wasn't sure if I was going to have a bridal shower or not because my mom didn't want to throw it and it didn't seem right to ask someone to do it. Without any hesitation, she responded to my concern and declared that she would throw my bridal shower. I was totally taken aback by her willingness to help and be a part of that for someone who was her boyfriend's roommate's fiancee. I mean really, we barely knew each other at that point. But then again, I was totally involved in getting to know my fiancee and my all consuming up coming wedding. It's not like she didn't try, I was being selfish with my time. She didn't flinch, even when a lot of the older ladies from church being a little embarrassed by the current generation's choice of night-time wear for the bride-to-be. Long story short... They got engaged in the fall of 2005, my bridal shower was in the end of November, Juston and I got married at the end of December had our reception in January, and Mike and Sharla got married in the beginning of February. Juston was in their wedding party as one of Mike's groomsmen, and I was happy to be able to attend their beautiful ceremony. She was such a beautiful bride, perfect hair, perfect smile, happy as a clam to be marrying her absolute soul mate.

To tell the truth, they were so perfect for each other it always made me a little jealous. Mike always doted on Sharla, and they weren't shy about showing their feelings for each other in public. I remember numerous fast and testimony meetings in which they shared their deep devotion and adoration for each other over the pulpit. She was so proud of the man she married and for where she was in her life. They didn't have it easy, having three little girls in 3 years and then having twin boys that she spent most of her pregnancy on bed rest. But she never wavered, sometimes I would think to myself that she was "over-sharing" her life with those around her, but in reality she was letting them in on the life she was living, so that they could see the real her, the person who she was. And I see that now.

I have been an absolute wreck ever since I found out that she had died. And I think more than anything I am mourning for a woman who tried so hard to be Christ-like, who loved her husband with her whole being, and adored her children, all of them with a flourish that I have never seen in someone so young. And when I look at myself in the mirror, I am saddened that I don't think I can say the same about myself.

I'm not exactly sure why we didn't get closer than we did, maybe its because I was always thinking about how I didn't know how to be a friend, or I was too busy, or I didn't know what people needed from me.  I know that I could have tried harder, and I am also mourning a friendship that could have been.

So it turns out after a lot of introspection I have discovered that I am a very selfish person. And more than anything I want to be liked and befriended, but I don't put myself out there for that to happen. Maybe its the fear of putting myself out there, and then wasting energy on a relationship that won't work out in the end... Maybe its the fact that I have been hurt by numerous people who have been close to me through-out my life... maybe I just don't know how to be a good friend so I don't attract good friends. Maybe I don't feel worthy to have good people in my life. What ever the reason, I have made it a goal to be more friendly and generous with myself than I have ever before.

Friday, June 29, 2012


Avayna's first time on the bus!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Ok, so I have to say that I am pretty disappointed in myself for not updating my blog very often this year. Mostly because this is my only form of journaling that I do, I have limited the record of my feelings and events that have occurred during this past year, and that was the whole point of my blog.

But today I am feeling very blessed, and was contemplating the many wonderful things that have happened in the last little while that have proven my Heavenly Father knows me and cares about what is going on and how I am doing, and that I recognize His hand in my life.

First of all Juston has been working at Ernst & Young in San Jose, since October while I have been finishing up my semester at Cuesta here in San Luis Obispo. He has been coming home on the weekends, and that has been nice, but it never is enough time and it is ALWAYS hard to say goodbye when he leaves on Sunday night. Not just for me, but especially for the girls. They don't understand why their dad has to live somewhere else and why he's not been there to tuck them in at night. I am truly grateful for the technology that allows us to communicate with him directly as if he were here, that in times past would have been impossible.  It is a great blessing to have SKYPE and the girls be able to have their dad read them a book from his office while they are in bed and see the pages as he is reading.

I am also feeling a little bit anxious, because after living in SLO for most of my life, and ALL of my married life, for the first time we are all relocating a different place, a big city. I would be lying if I said it was anything but scary to me. Being in a small town is so comfortable, its so easy to live here when you know everyone, and so many people care about you. However, I find comfort in knowing that wherever I am, I put my life in the Lord's hands and ask that he will allow me to do the best I can with what I have been given. I also know that moving to San Jose is the right thing for us to do. It is what is necessary for my family to be together and grow. 

I am blessed because, although I was not accepted to either Cal Poly or San Jose State for this past fall, I was accepted to San Jose State for this upcoming spring 2011 semester into the Nutritional Science program. It is amazing to me, that for the last 3 years the CSU system has not had ANY transfer admissions for Spring semesters, but the ONE year I happen to stumble upon the opening I am admitted and the process so far has been quite smooth. I have come to understand and it has been reiterated in my life that sometimes the plans that we have for ourselves are not always in conjunction with our Heavenly Father's plan for us. The idea is to be able to submit to His plan when we see that we are veering from His path and correct ourselves by being humble enough to know that we were going in the wrong direction. For me this consisted mostly of realizing that I was pushing too hard to go to a school and live in a place that I was comfortable. What kind of person would I be if I don't allow myself to grow and be outside my comfort zone.
This is the time of year I love! And it allows me to reflect on all of the wonderful things that have gone on. I am blessed to have a husband who loves me, and has a job that can provide for our family's needs, children to adore and who bring so much joy into my life, knowledge to gain and a university I can attend to earn my degree,  a place to sleep and call home, and a Savior who died for me and made it possible for me to be healed from past pain.

I am blessed.

Friday, July 30, 2010

all from a box...

So we've been doing a lot of organizing, purging, and rearranging lately. And today I stumbled across a box with nothing but pictures from the last 23 years. A lot were from high school, some were from when I was a kid, but mostly it was from a different lifetime. As I looked at these pictures, a moment in time captured by a lens meant to create a lasting memory, I found myself wondering at how I have changed so much in that time.

I went from a baby dependent on my mother for everything,

to being a mischievous toddler 

to a rambunctious kid

To a wild and fearless pre-teen  

To a self-conscious early teen very aware of every flaw I had.
But some how I have almost no pictures of my early teen years... and probably for very good reason. I had a very difficult time with weight management and still have a hard time looking at things from that time of my life. So I'm sure at some point I got rid of a lot of pictures from when I was 13, 14 and 15 years old.

Then I hit 16... started coming into my own personality figuring it all out... dated lots... and lots... and lots of boys... had way too many boyfriends for how old I was... (which I will spare discussing further for my sweet husband's sake) and had lots of fun with all the youth activities that I was involved in. 

 Then there was senior year of high school...
That year is when I really think I had a sense of what my life was supposed to be about.
I applied to Cal-State Northridge and even

Went to Prom

(at the time I thought that baby pink dress was the coolest thing ever!)

Then I graduated High School...

 and went to grad night
(and this is the only picture I have of that night)

then moved down to Northridge, and met lots of great friends
and did lots of cool things

like going to dodger games with my diehard dodger fan friends
(Tracy, Katie, and Melinda)

Dated more boys... and did some long distance stuff... even flew out to Albuquerque, New Mexico
on my spring break to spend some time with one of them.

went to the temple there

And figured out that when I got home... that was not where I wanted to be, or who I wanted to be with

And little later I met this great guy...

(yeah I know its kind of a bad picture of him... but I still love him)

Then... we got engaged...

And then married for Time and All Eternity in the Oakland Temple, of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on December 29, 2005

And some how in the past 23 years I have gone from a child, completely dependent on others for everything to a Wife to a wonderful husband, and a Mother to two beautiful little girls. It amazes me that it'll happen to my children too.

I know its a lot to read about me... but as this is the only form of journaling I do, I wanted to write down what was going on in my head today as I was looking through all these photos. I feel so blessed to have gone through the things that I have so that I can be the best possible wife and mother I can be. I am grateful to my friends and others who have been supportive of me on my journey so far. Most of all I am thankful to my Heavenly Father who put into my path a wonderful, honorable man who I am proud to call my husband. He is well above any of the other suitors I ever had, and is constantly striving to be a better person, and is such a wonderful example to me.

My heart is full.

Monday, June 28, 2010

So far this summer...

I didn't realize that its almost been 2 months since I posted something! Wow, the time really flies. So since the end of April, I: finished my semester at Cuesta with an A- in Chemistry, an A in Statistics, and somehow I ended up with a C in Post Civil War U.S. History (and am still trying to figure out how that happened... I am currently waiting to hear back from my professor regarding this 'situation'.. but I'm sure he's not in any rush to get back to me about it since I probably sounded pretty preterbed in the phone/email messages I left him). We are still waiting on notice from Cal Poly stating whether or not I have been taken off of the wait list for the fall. We should know more by the end of July.
At the age of 27,  Juston Graduated from Cal Poly with his Masters in Accounting and Taxation on June 12, 2010 and we couldn't be happier about that! That day signified the completion of his education, which has been in progress since before we got married almost 5 years ago.

We are so proud of him for what he has accomplished these last 5 years! Way to go babe!

 We had a little get together at our house out in "the canyon" to celebrate. 

The menu included: 
Ancho Chili pulled Chicken
Black beans
Cilantro lime rice
and all the fixins for a good taco bar (and some super yummy mango pinapple salsa courtesy of the Abbotts!) 
it was quite the hit and we had almost no leftovers afterward.

 (here's Juston on the back porch with a friend of ours' little girl Jayne aka Avayna's best friend from last summer)

Here are some other things that we have been doing:

hanging out with friends at the Ravine Water Park in Paso Robles, Ca. So much fun!!
Love hanging out with these ladies, and their kiddos... great company!
 (My hubby is such a hottie!)

Back in the middle of May we were out in Porterville (my mom's house) for my brother Jacob and his wife Laurice's open house... and we decided to go to the fair... and we came home with a new doggie... hazel is her name and Beckette is totally in love with her and always says "doddy" and loves to pull her hair and nose. 

We've also had some beach days... with lots of sun and fun playing in the sand. The one thing I dislike about going to the beach though is all the sandy stuff we come home with. Man its a bear to get it all out!
Plus we girls in this family are kind of on the white side... so getting in the sun without getting burned is also quite the ordeal, and hats and sunscreen are always included!

Avayna and Finnley had such a fun time with the buckets under the umbrella. The sand that was not shaded was so extremely hot that I decided to bring the water to where the shade was, and then became known by the adults there as the "water girl". We had 4 plastic buckets, but only 2 had handles. The ones without handles were the buckets that stayed with the girls, and the ones with the handles were sent off with the water girl down to the ocean for a cool refill. And this cycle was repeated over and over and over.... you get the idea. It was fun while it lasted. But then everyone got too hot and we decided to take refuge in our air conditioned cars and head home for a much deserved rest from our excursion to the beach.

Anyway... so that has been what's going on with us for the last two months. The future is still uncertain, but we are well aware that our path is in the Lord's hands and He will take us where we are needed. I will be very sad if we have to leave this area which has been my home since I was 8 and our home since we've been married. I am a little scared of what lies ahead, but know that I will be able to handle whatever comes.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

totally addicted...

Ok... so there are 3 things that I have become totally addicted to in the last 5 weeks: Cycling, Running, and Muddy Buddies (also known as puppy chow... why that is I have no idea)

Let me start with Cycling. I decided that it was about time for me to get a bike. We live in such a beautiful area, and in such a wonderful climate, why should I have to be limited by exercising indoors? I have been wanting a bike for about 5 years (ever since the last bike I had was stolen in the end of 2005). So Juston and I made a calculated purchase to buy me a Diamondback Road bike. And let me just tell you... it was the best purchase I have made pretty much EVER. I made the resolution before we bought it that I would have to ride at least 20 miles a week, and give up my membership to the Cal Poly gym (at least until I attend there... if I ever find out I've actually been admitted or not... more on that later) Both stipulations have been met so far, except for last week when I had a terrible health week (migraine, stomach flu, and a sinus infection all within 7 days). And I have enjoyed every minute of it. I love looking around at the beauty that we are surrounded by, and love being able to get there on my own strength. I also love that Juston has been totally supportive of me whenever I want to go on a ride to destress or to just get my blood pumping. I guess he realizes that I've done the single mom thing a lot recently (especially with how much he is gone doing organized sports during the weeknights). So needless to say, this bike is helping me achieve my goal of getting back down to my pre-baby size, but be in better shape. I'm not so worried about weight as I am about how my clothes feel. And I am making good progress so far.

Now, running... Running and me... well, we have a love-hate relationship. I love that I can run again, after 6 years of not being able to. But I hate how I feel while I'm in my last half mile of my 3 mile run. I love how I feel about 15 minutes after I run, but hate how I feel like I'm going to throw up 5 minutes after I'm done running. It's interesting, my recent relationship with running started in my weight training class for a fitness assessment back in the middle of March. We were asked to see how long it would take us to run a mile. And I thought to myself "Yeah right... he expects me to run a mile without stopping? I haven't done that since I was a sophomore in High School." But I did it, and it wasn't the best time... 9 minutes and 45 seconds. But I did it. So the next time I did it again, just a little faster, then the next time I thought... well if I can do a mile, I can do a little more... so I did a mile and a half, and the next time I did 2 miles, all the way up to where I am now at 3 miles twice a week in about 28-30 minutes.

Then there is my other love-hate addiction... this one is a little more recent than my other two... really only in the last week or so. If any of you have ever eaten Muddy Buddies (I omit the butter in the recipe, and only add about 6 cups of cereal) you know that you can't really just eat 4 or 5 pieces. And for those of you who haven't tried them... I am issuing a warning... be prepared to eat at least a cup of these in a sitting. Melted chocolate chips, peanut butter, and powdered sugar on Chex cereal. Oh my goodness... And the BEST part is that from start to finish it takes about 5 minutes ( maybe 7 minutes if you're a newbie) to make them. I love how easy they are, I love how they taste, I love it all... except the calories. The only thing I can say is, it's a good thing I exercise a lot otherwise I would have gained about 5 pounds just eating this tasty treat.

Ok... so I thought I might put this picture in here just because I thought it was so darn cute. The other night I went in to Avayna's room to turn out her night light, and noticed that she wasn't on her bed.... and this was what I found: Avayna stuck down inbetween her bed and her dresser... silly girl!

And here is a picture of us at Jacob and Laurice's Sealing down in San Diego, Ca

And one of Beckette and me

And a couple of just the girls (courtesy of Gummy... AKA Grandma Julie)

The day of Jacob and Laurice's reception, there was a Mormon Helping Hand's service project at Laguna Lake Park in San Luis Obispo that we helped out at... 

Well Juston helped out

I pretty much fed the kids goldfish, and kept them in one general area

And well that's pretty much it for now... oh... except I did get information from San Jose State that I am not going to be able to go there in the Fall this year. Long story short, there was no room for me because I am not a resident of the surrounding counties. So my last hope is to get into Cal Poly, for Nutrition and I should know that by July. Juston's start date at Ernst & Young is now going to be October 11, 2010, so we won't be moving (If we have to move) to the Bay area until then.  For those of you on the Central Coast, I guess you get to see us a little bit longer. Lots more stuff is up in the air right now... but what we know for sure is: We DON'T know if I'll be able to attend Cal Poly for the 2010-2011 school year, and Juston starts work for EY in October.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

sick... sick... and more sick... oh and a little update

So forgive the big gap between postings, but a lot has been going on here at the Glass house in the last couple of months. And I am forcing myself to take a break from the going's on to write it all down (or type it all up).

First, my brother got married (Joe) in January during the biggest storm southern California (S.D.) had seen in like 5 or 6 years. Their wedding day it poured and poured, all except the hour when they came out, and took pictures. It really was a tender mercy that they were able to get some great pictures without getting soaked.

Second, my mom got sealed to my step-dad in Fresno on Feb 11th. It was so great to see my mom so happy, after struggling alone for so many years.

and Third, my 19 year old sister (Moani) got married on February 13, also in S.D. Her and Matt are so cute together, and so in love.

Also all during this time we have been struggling with Beckette constantly being sick with one thing or another. First it started as an ear infection (her first) back in the middle/end of January. The first round of antibiotics did absolutely nothing! So I took her back to the doctor after she developed a NASTY cough, and couldn't breathe. Her simple ear infection had now turned into a DOUBLE ear infection and BRONCHITIS! Yuck! So round 2 of antibiotics, an inhaler, some benedryl to relieve the pressure build up in her ears, and tylenol for the pain began. However, this 2nd round of antibiotics still didn't help, and the inhaler made her all jittery, and the benedryl made her groggy. Nothing was working the way it was supposed to. So back to the doctor we went. Both her ears were still inflamed/red, and her cough was just as junky as it was before. So what did she get prescribed? you guessed it! More anti-biotics.... (ugh!) oh and if one inhaler wasn't enough, why not add another one in there too just for good measure... oh and keep up with the benedryl and the tylenol. I felt like I was a nurse, constantly drugging up my baby. It was awful. So finally on Tuesday (3/8) she had what was supposed to be her last re-check for all this crud that has been going on.  We discovered that not only has her ear infection not completely healed, but also that she caught something called Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease (see link for description click here ) and ringworm! Oh the joys of having a child in Day-Care....(sigh)

On an up note... Avayna turned 3 on March 5th! I can't believe my baby girl is already 3 years old! Wow, the time sure does fly.

Unfortunately for her, we have been so busy with sick people, and school, and Juston being in San Jose for his Internship with Ernst &Young, that we haven't really gotten around to planning anything. Which now I think was for a reason. Because today I got a call from her pre-school saying she had a 103.5 fever and that she needed to come home. So any party that we would have had would have needed to be canceled.  I think we will just have to celebrate her "Un-birthday" sometime in the future when everyone is feeling better, and things have kind of slowed down.

As for an update on Juston's internship: He is doing well, and has 3 weeks left! (not that I'm counting down or anything :) He was able to get a bunch of work that he can do remotely, so he came home tonight to help out with our sick girls. (thus me having a minute to breathe and update the world) He also took the first of 4 CPA exams in order to become a CPA, last week. He finds out in a couple of weeks how he did, and then moves on to the next test. It has been hard to have him away from our family 5 days out of the week, but the Lord has strengthened me and broadened my shoulders to bear the burdens that have been placed upon me in his absence. Every Friday night when he comes home, that burden is lifted and I can kind of relax for 2 days, and then it starts all over again.  And I can't say how thankful I am, and what a blessing it is to have my sweetheart home with me during this exhausting time (at least until Monday when he has to go back up to San Jose).

School for me has been going well considering the circumstances. I have a solid B+ in Statistics ( I could be happier with an A, but with how much I am struggling with this subject a B+ is pretty darn good!) I have an A- in Chemistry, and am enjoying the lab part of the class and stretching my brain in the sciences. In History I am unsure what my grade is at the moment, because we had our first test on this week and have not got them back yet. I am hoping for a B... but being a perfectionist I would really LOVE an A.  (the whole class is comprised of 4 tests... that's it! so I have to do well on the tests to do well in the class)

Another thing that has happened is that I was notified by both San Jose State, and Cal Poly that I was placed on their respective waiting lists. I have to admit that I was absolutely devastated that I wasn't immediately admitted based on my GPA (which is a 3.64). But I have realized that everything happens for a reason, and the Lord is just keeping my options open until we know more about what is going to happen in the future with Juston and his employment. So on that note... we shall see...

Thursday, January 14, 2010


So today (and for just about the last 3 weeks) Avayna's favorite question has been "Why?"
It started off on the way to Pre-school. We were listening to a version of "Jesus Once of Humble Birth" in the car, and that got her asking:
"Why is she singing Jesus died?"
which led to
"Why did Jesus die?"
which led to many many other questions and answers about Jesus and how He is our Savior.

I love being able to talk to her about this and for her to be able to kind of understand me. It was a great teaching moment for me to explain to her what we believe.

I love that she knows almost all the words to every primary song that we have ever sung together.

I love that she is so inquisitive about EVERYTHING.

 (ok so these pictures aren't from today... but I think they show what I was thinking about.)

Avayna truly has a special spirit. I can't wait to find out the kind of questions Beckette will ask. She has not been at all like her sister so far. But that's good... it's always good to have variety. We are so blessed to have both of our beautiful girls. I have no idea what impressed me to blog about this, but I'm sure there's a reason.

(I love this picture, because their faces are exactly the same... I love these two!!!)

Monday, January 11, 2010

the last two months in nutshell

Ok... I know it has been a WHILE since I've posted... but I finally figured out how to get my pictures on my computer with out having to hook up my camera (and wait for the camera to figure out that it is hooked up to a computer and needs to spit out all the pictures it took).... the wonders of a memory card reader. So I just took the memory card out of my camera hooked it up to this card reader that is hooked up to my laptop.... and as quick as you can say SUPERCALIFRAGILISTIC-EXPEALIDOCIOUS.... all my pictures from the last 3 months were uploaded. So... here is a brief glimpse of what we have been doing since just before Thanskgiving...

we made some pizza one day when Daddy had gone out of town. Avayna had a blast helping me roll out the dough and putting sauce and toppings on.

look at her face!!! she’s stoked to be playing with the cheese and putting it on the pizza. She handled the rolling pin like pro too! I see a great cook in her future!

and this is her looking too cool after going potty for the first time all by herself. And she got a sucker for her treat. She was so excited... especially because she hardly ever gets treats like that. Way to go Goose!


We had to use our season passes to Disneyland before they expired on the 26th of November, so the two days before Thanksgiving, we ended up going down to Anaheim and doing all the things we wanted to do at Disneyland but never had the patience for the previous times. Like meeting all the princesses.

This was awesome! Peter Pan was just walking by Snow White's Wishing Well and he stopped to talk to Avayna for about 5 minutes. It was so cool. At one point I think they were having a full on conversation about Tinkerbell. 

While we were there we also waited in line to see Pooh and Tigger. Both of which Avayna was terrified to actually be up close. I don't think you can tell from these pictures, but she was clinging so tightly to Juston that he didn't even have to hold on to her. She was fine up until they were less than 5 feet in front of her, then she realized how big they were and wanted nothing to do with them.

Avayna wanted to look like we used her shampoo to make a beard and white hair... she thought it was hilarious!